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NobiliumNobilium microchip

MASSAD Denture Teeth

Conventional and Print-to-Cast Materials

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior materials, equipment and service to dental laboratories in order to have a positive impact on dental patient health.

Tech Corner

BLOG - Latest Posts

  • What’s better than 3D Printing?

    3D printed dentures that’s what! With the upswing in 3D printing and CAD programs there are many different avenues that you can go in search of dental designing.

  • Welcome to Nobilium’s Tech Corner!

    Welcome to Nobilium’s Tech Corner!

    We are excited to launch our new and improved blog!

    Our goal is to become an important tool and resource for our industry. With well over 50 years of knowledge between them, our technicians and sales team will be sharing their vast knowledge of our industry. Each week they will be exploring various topics including, tips on using our materials, troubleshooting common problems, and answering some frequently asked questions. We also look forward to sharing some new instructional videos, our latest products, as well as news related to our industry with you all.

    Have a specific topic you would like to see? Let us know in the comment section below and we can address it in an upcoming blog. We’re glad you stopped by!

    Gabriella Mabb

  • New Videos Banner

    New short-cut to videos on the top banner of our website!