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  • Acrylics Other
    Shellac baseplates, appliance bag, tooth bonding liquid and Koldmount.
  • Denture Identification Denture Identification System
  • Denture Base - Heat Cure
    We offer a very high impact-resistance heat-cured denture base as well as an economical regular-impact denture base material.
  • Denture Base - Self Cure
    Our self-cure denture base material is color-stable premium grade material used with with pour technique.
  • Flexible Partial
    FlexStar is very easy to finish and polish. Best of all it is color stable and available in four shades. Available in pre-packaged or bulk size. Ask for a FlexStar shade guide. Click HERE for an overview of FlexStar.
  • Light-cured
    NobilTray is a premium-quality light-cured custom tray material.
  • Repair Materials
    Nobiltone Repair Material is shaded to work precisely with all Nobiltone acrylics. You can use bot conventional or "salt and pepper" techniques.
  • Impak
    Impak is a revolutionary material that can be used for both resilient splints and a denture liner. It is available in clear and light pink shades.