Elmer is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a bona fide member of the Navy’s Dental
Technician Rating, CDT, and a semi-retired member of Nobilium. He has worked in the
dental industry for more than 45 years, and counting, gathering a wealth of knowledge
that he is willing to share!

Elmer started as a chair side assistant in the Navy and worked as a hygienist, laboratory
technician, equipment specialist and instructor for RPD techniques with Nobilium. Prior
to his semi-retirement from Nobilium, he was Director of Technical Services for more
than 10 years for the company.

Nobilium is proud to have his extensive expertise to guide their customers in technical
use of products and techniques. Elmer is now ready to expose some tips, tricks and the
most sought out knowledge of the industry.

“ETA: Elmer’s Technical Advice” blog will be regularly posted on Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn and the Nobilium website, Nobilium.com. While he has endless topics to speak
about, Elmer is eager to hear from you. If you have something you’ve been interested in
reading more about or an issue you’ve been having in the lab, don’t hesitate to contact
Nobilium and request what it is you want to see Elmer blog about.

In short, know your equipment and the accuracy of the equipment!