If you attended LMT Lab Day Chicago, you may have met or even attended a class taught by Al Ranger.

Al, of Ranger Dental Lab in New Hampshire, was one our first Nobilium Certified Labs. Along with using many Nobilium supplies, Al has really embraced the digital design and 3D printing of partial denture frameworks. In 2013 Al went from being a part time, 16 case a week traditional partial framework lab, to a digital design lab. With his attention to detail and desire to do quality work over quantity he knew this was the next logical step.

After purchasing a Dental Wings design system from us, his production increased 25% in a few short months and he was able to hire on a full-time technician. After spending some time truly learning the system Al decided that he wanted to cut down on his turnaround time and go fully digital. And in 2015 he purchased his own in house Stratasys Desktop 30 Prime 3D printer. He now says that 100% of his accounts embrace the digital aspect of partials and his production has almost tripled weekly. Al has been a huge part in our continuing education and promotion of our 3D Print-To-Cast system. He is now taking on more and more specialty cases with people like Dr. Massad, working on patients that require complex hybrid denture cases, as well as being a consultant and educator for Nobilium.

If you are interested in reading more about Al Rangers success, you can read a great write up on him in this great LMT Magazine article. If you would like to schedule some training with him please contact us and we will set something up.

Al Ranger Class