At Nobilium we are always trying to improve our customer’s experience. Now, with the addition of a video tab on our website, you have quick and easy access to our ever-growing library of educational videos.

While you are there check out one of our newest featured video; Investing 3D Printed RPD Patterns!

printed_patternset-up printed pattern


With the rise of 3D printed parts and RPD patterns in the dental field, there are many different systems to choose from. At Nobilium we have developed our Print-To-Cast technique using Stratasys poly jet technology printed parts together with our specially formulated investment MicroFire. MicroFire is an oxy-phosphate investment specifically formulated for RPD printed parts. If you are on the fence about the technology or are simply interested in the process, watch our short video. While you are there please check out our ever-growing library of clinical, technical, and equipment videos. If you have any suggestions about any videos you would like to see please let us know!

Investing 3D Printed RPD Patterns