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CMP History

CMP Industries was founded in 1889 as the Consolidated Car Heating Company, as it manufactured products for the railroad industry.  George Westinghouse was one of the first Presidents and James Roosevelt (Franklin Roosevelt's father) was one of the original stockholders.  Click HERE to see a document that shows Mr. Roosevelt's signature in what apparently forms the company.

The Albany and Schenectady, New York areas were particularly strong as a result of the commercialization of electricity during the late 1800's.  General Electric world research center was founded in 1900 in nearby Schenectady where many early electric inventions were created, including: the electric toaster in 1905 and electric locomotive in 1908.  The founders of the Consolidated Car Heating Company settled in Albany, New York to be in the midst of the electric revolution and to be situated near the Delaware & Hudson Railroad Company and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) who was expanding the use of heated rail cars in and around New York City.

Old Photos - Executives

George Westinghouse was the first President of the Consolidated Car Heating Company.  Click HERE to see some documents signed by Mr. Westinghouse.

Consolidated Car Heating Company changed its name to Consolidated Metal Products sometime in the early 1900s.  The company was asked to make metal products to support both World War I and World War II.  Click HERE to see photos of these early years.  As the company diversified into other metal products, the name was changed from Consolidated Metal Products to CMP Industries.

During this diversification, the company ventured into the automotive lift business which required the company to make its own specialty high-strength alloys.  This research and development work lead to the discovery of high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloys that were well suited to the dental industry.  In 1934, the company began to market a partial denture alloy system known as TICONIUM. The product line helped the company evolved into a "100% dental" company.

Ticonium Magazine 1942

"TIC" magazine, published by the Ticonium Company, was started in 1942. It was published though 1987. Click HERE to see all back issues. They provide some insight about how the dental industry adapted over this time.

Since the initial discovery of Ticonium alloy, the company supplied other products used by dental laboratories to process Ticonium alloy. The success of Ticonium led to company to acquire other similar businesses in the dental lab industry. Between 1959 and 1996, CMP acquired seven manufacturing companies in the dental laboratory sector, including: Nobilium Company in 1982 (formerly from Chicago, IL), Niranium Company in 1984 (formerly from New York City, NY) and Demco Machinery in 1998 (formerly from California).

The company resides in a historic building constructed in 1895. Several additional buildings have been built since and the company now occupies 90,000 square feet of production and administration space.

413 Pearl St. - North Side413 N. Pearl St. - West Side

CMP Industries stock was publicly-traded at one time. It became a private company governed by a Board of Directors until July, 2010 when the company was purchased by Devon O. Howe and a group of key employees. Click HERE for a photo of the present management team. The legal company name remains CMP Industries LLC but is known simply as Nobilium.

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