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Multiple Sizes Available
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SKU Volume Price Availability Qty
2049 32 oz (946 cc)
In Stock
2049-5 5 gallons (18.9 ltr)
In Stock
2937 80 oz (2,365 cc)
In Stock
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    Oxy-phosphate investment liquid when additional expansion is required. Used with our phospate-type investments: CB30, MICROFIRE and CADVEST. Cadvest is a very fine Phosphate investment designed specifically for 3D resin printed parts. Working time is much longer than any other phosphate investments, 7 minutes at normal temperatures of 70F - 21C. Higher temperatures will shorten the working time of all investments, lower temperatures will increase the working time of investments. Having a longer working time allows more prints to be invested with care in one ring. When using a pressure vessel as per instructions, after a bench set the ring can be placed in a cold furnace (150F - 65C) and brought up to casting temperature (1850F - 1010C) in one hour. 30 to 60 minutes holding (depending on number of rings in the furnace) then cast.


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