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Natural Esthetics

Incredible life-like aesthetics with 4-layer anteriors

Hand-inspected for quality

Strict shade control system

Unique polishing step leaves a brilliant surface finish

Excellent resistance to stains and excessive plaque

Highly cross-linked EPN™ polymers

Vita® Classical shades


 MASSAD Denture Teeth anterior    MASSAD Denture Teeth posterior


Wear-Resistance Like No Other MASSAD teeth are made with PMMA polymers that are highly cross-linked for excellent wear-resistance. These extended polymer networks (EPN)™ form an extensive network of bonds which results in abrasion and craze resistant teeth that are hard but not brittle.


Endorsed by Dr. Joe Massad who is an internationally-renown educator on topics of removable and implant prosthodontics. He has spent decades teaching his proven methods of impression-taking and jaw recording around the world. He has used many brands of premium teeth over the years and knows esthetics, wear-resistance and quality. Dr. Massad tested our premium-quality tooth line and liked them so much, he allowed us to put his name on them.

Lot Code Traceability While our teeth are made by hand, our order processing and fulfillment is virtually all digital. Each set of teeth contains a QR code which includes a lot code in order to comply with modern Unique Device Identification (UDI) guidelines as required for all medical devices sold in the United States.


Registered with Each 1 X 14 includes a Quality Verification Card from, a new global materials verification system.  Each card includes a verification number so that the material content can be verified.

Massad Denture Teeth Clinical Lifetime Warranty Massad Denture Teeth are warranted against excessive wear, discoloration or crazing for the clinical life of the denture. If Massad teeth do not perform as warranted, we will provide replacement teeth free, provided the denture was used only for its intended purpose without modification or abuse, and on condition that:

- The prosthesis is a complete upper or lower denture.
- All teeth in the denture are Masad brand denture teeth.
- This warranty applies only to denture teeth and does not cover the laboratory or dentist’s fee for replacing the teeth.
- This warranty does not extend to the denture base which supports the teeth nor does it cover the laboratory services fee or the dentist fee.
- The clinical life of the denture is defined as the period of time during which an individual practitioner feels that the denture should provide function for the patient. 



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Customers may request Directions for Use in paper copy at no additional cost. Directions for Use are provided in English and are available by navigating to product page, then look under “Product Downloads” and click on “Directions for Use.” To request a paper copy, go to Contact page and request a Directions for Use. A paper copy will be provided within 7 calendar days. Previous versions of Instructions for Use can be found by clicking on the Inactive link at the bottom of the web page. VITA is a trademark of VITA ZAHNFABRIK H. RAUTER GMBH & CO.

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